On thingle it is possible to find "technological items, clothing and collectibles" and all of them "are seen by a specialist before being delivered to the buyer, thus guaranteeing their quality and the safety of the purchasing process", according to Notícias to Minuto.

"The process is simple: all items purchased on thingle. are collected from the seller's home and taken to one of the platform's specialised partners, who will test them and ensure that they comply with the condition described in the sales advertisement".

If everything is in order, the item is delivered to the buyer and the money is given to the seller; otherwise, the seller can keep the item or have it repaired by a "thingle specialist partner".

"The platform can be used by both consumers and brands specialising in requalified or second-hand products, functioning as an online store. thingle receives a commission of 6% of the final value, which includes sales price, evaluation and shipping fees of the product".

thingle is now available nationwide (including Islands), via the thingle.io website or through the app, available for iOS and Android.