In statements in the Assembly of the Republic, the Deputy Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, who oversees the area of Sports, did not provide, for now, any further details of this organization, when asked whether there is a cost estimate or the number of stadiums involved in Portugal.

“We will have time to talk about the entire organization. What is relevant is the success of the candidacy, FIFA's choice of this candidacy, the demonstration of unity in this diversity of cultures and in the ability of sport to integrate itself,” she said.

Ana Catarina Mendes considered that this “is a day of celebration for the Portuguese, for football and sport in Portugal”.

“We will work so that, once again, the organization is once again a source of pride for the Portuguese and that is what we will be committed to in the coming times”, she assured.

The minister highlighted that, in 2030, the centenary of the football world cup will be marked, meaning that the event “will bring together three continents and six countries, in a demonstration that sport is inclusion, integration, diversity of cultures”.

The 2030 Football World Cup will be organized by Portugal, Spain and Morocco.

“The FIFA Council unanimously decided that the only eligible candidacy is the joint one between Morocco, Portugal and Spain, which will organize the competition in 2030”, says FIFA in a statement published on the official website.

In the same note, the organization also revealed that Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay will host three games at this World Cup, as a way of “celebrating the centenary” of the competition, whose first edition took place in Uruguay, in 1930.