There are dams spread all over the country attracting visitors and locals who want to spend some time in a quiet place, surrounded by nature, and sometimes with a special place for bathing during the Summer.

Barragem do Castelo do Bode

Located in Central Portugal, Barragem do Castelo de Bode was constructed on the Zêzere River, placed in the middle of the greenery and hills. The water reserved on the dam is the perfect place for water sports and even fishing and boat trips. This dam is used to produce electricity for the population.

Barragem da Caniçada

This dam is located by the Cávado River and it is surrounded by the amazing Peneda-Gerês National Park, a place filled with nature and green landscapes. Being placed in the natural park, it is the perfect feature of a long walk along the Gerês. It also provides electric energy to the population.

Barragem do Alqueva

The dam located in Alentejo is the largest artificial lake in Europe. Besides all the polemics involving the construction of the infrastructure, it is one of the most important hydroelectric stations in Portugal. The Barragem do Alqueva also provides water for the irrigation of the farmers’ fields.

It is one of the most sought dams for tourism, being the perfect place to watch the stars at night or have an amazing week in one of the accommodations that are located nearby. People also want to visit Aldeia da Luz, an underwater village, after the construction of the dam. It was constructed a whole new village that looks the same as the old one. This case was very mediatic, as people did not want to abandon their houses to move to a different place, even though it was the same as the original village.

Barragem de Santa Luzia

Placed in the Douro Valley, the Barragem de Santa Luzia provides water resources for the Douro vineyards, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Place in one of the most beautiful regions of Portugal, this dam will amaze every visitor for its amazing landscapes and privileged location.

Barragem do Lindoso

Located in the North of Portugal by the Lima Rive there is Barragem do Lindoso. Placed in a historic town, a visit to the dam may be followed by a visit to the castle of Lindoso. Both of them will amaze people with their landscapes and natural beauty.

Being one of the highest Portuguese constructions, it is also one of the most important hydroelectric stations in the country. However, last year, the massive drought in Portugal made visible a village that was underwater for many years.

Portugal has always been connected with water, whether by the sea or by producing sustainable energy. The Portuguese dams are not only a way to protect the environment, but they are also a place that attracts people who respect and appreciate natural beauty.


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