Jennifer told The Portugal News that the purpose of the website is to share what can be done in the Algarve, “not only in the summertime”, because “the Algarve also has a lot to offer in the winter.”

Algarve Tips NL started after a hard time in Jennifer’s life and she looked for a good place to change her life. The Algarve became the dream destination, due to the weather and the atmosphere Jennifer found in the Algarve.

While travelling to the Algarve, Jennifer built a “small website with modern tips on visiting the Algarve”. After four years of work and investment, the founder of Algarve Tips NL managed to create a website and its official social media accounts that have been growing every day.

How can the Algarve Tips NL be useful?

Jennifer said that, through the website, it is possible to “make bookings for families, couples but also for big groups.” Interested people may ask Jennifer for advice in case “they want a nice villa to stay in, but also if they want a full program with yoga, SUP and buggy rides.”

Everything can be easily done, on a website that is available in various languages, such as Dutch, but also English and even Portuguese. Those who like to organise their travels alone might follow the tips from the website, which has information from various municipalities of the Algarve.

Jennifer tries to visit every place that may be interesting for visitors, trying to make “a nice story from it with pictures and a blog.” Even though it is hard to visit all the places, Jennifer is trying her best to make sure every place is not forgotten.

Paying with Bitcoin

Those who ask for the service of the Algarve Tips NL may pay using bitcoin, which according to Jennifer is a way of payment “with low fees, international use and a growing community that wants to use it to pay.” The founder of Algarve Tips NL has found out that, in the Algarve, the “crypto community is growing tremendously”, leading her to find a way to make cryptocurrency an available payment way in her business.

Clients may also pay with regular money and may choose between both of them which is better for them.

What do people think?

Besides the good reviews from the public, Jennifer mentioned that the number of companies that want to work with her has been growing and that these businesses feel positive about a business that accepts Bitcoin as a way of payment.

Jennifer would like to thank her friend Didi and her “Bitcoin family”, who helped her pave her way, in her business and cryptocurrency knowledge “through good conversations.”


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Bruno G. Santos