The exhibition "Transformação" showcases artworks created by Ana Rita de Albuquerque, Filipa Won, Graça Paz, Guida Fonseca, Maria Pratas, Rita Teles Garcia, Rita Sevilha and Vasco Águas.

The term "Transformação" (feminine noun, Portuguese word for transformation) refers to a gradual process of altering state or condition, or evolution. Transformação is an exhibition that offers a deep reflection on the diverse universe of textiles, exploring its various forms and approaches. It also highlights the growing recognition of textile art as a contemporary art form. The group exhibition is inspired by a quote from Anni Albers, which speaks to the art of weaving.

“Weaving is an example of a craft which is many-sided. Besides surface qualities, such as rough and smooth, dull and shiny, hard and soft, it also includes color, and, as the dominating element, texture, which is the result of the construction of weaves. Like any craft it may end in producing useful objects, or it may rise to the level of art.”

We, as artistic individuals, firmly believe that the concept of transformation [transformação] plays a critical role in our creative process. Our quest to discover the vast and intricate world of textiles, including its various techniques, materials, and processes, has convinced us that they are the most constructive means of self-expression. We acknowledge that transformation, in all its forms, is an essential and constructive component of our growth and development as artists.