The project led by the Portuguese company Madoqua Renewables expects to exceed the capacity of 1 Gigawatt (GW) of green hydrogen production, thus becoming, according to the promoters, the largest project in Europe.

“This strategic investment vision focuses on the creation of 265 highly qualified permanent jobs and 6,000 indirect jobs established through local partnerships and with academia from 2025”, reads the statement.

According to the non-executive director of MP2X, Marloes Ras, “the first phase of the project alone already corresponds to 20% of Portugal's national goals in the context of green hydrogen production at the European level”.

The initial project envisages using 560 megavoltamperes (MVA) to annually produce 50,000 tons of hydrogen and 300,000 tons of green ammonia using renewable electrical energy.

MP2X also foresees the construction and operation of solar and wind farms that will produce renewable energy dedicated to the industrial unit in Sines.