This is one of the measures included in the proposed State Budget for 2024 (OE2024), which is aimed at households with intermediate incomes, making 6,800 homes available for rent at reduced prices until 2026.

“[The measure] aims to promote a wide range of public housing for rent at reduced prices, to be made available according to an effort rate compatible with household income. The aim is, therefore, to contribute to responding to the housing needs of families whose income level does not allow them to access housing on the market that suits their needs”, reads the OE2024 proposal.

According to the document, “the public housing stock at affordable costs will be reinforced, within the scope of the PRR”. “Projects may involve rehabilitation, construction or acquisition of properties intended for rental promotion. Financial support is provided through a loan. The Housing and Urban Rehabilitation Institute (IHRU) acts as an intermediate beneficiary between the projects to be financed by municipalities and the National Fund for Building Rehabilitation (FNRE) and the funds coming from the PRR”, explains the Executive.