On the day that parliament debates a draft resolution from the PCP that recommends increasing the minimum wage to 910 euros in January - reaching 1,000 euros during 2024 - the party organised several initiatives to contact the population across the country, under the motto “Enough talk, more salaries and pensions”.

Speaking to journalists, next to the Campo Grande metro station, Lisbon, the general secretary of the PCP considered that the increase in the minimum wage to 820 euros proposed by the Government is “profoundly insufficient” and “does not correspond to the realities, nor to the conditions that people face today.”

Asked whether the PCP would vote against the increase to 820 euros, Paulo Raimundo said that his party would never vote against what would be a “gain for workers”, but reinforced that the Government's proposal does not respond to the needs.

“Those who work, those who make the country and the economy work, those who produce wealth, deserve, and it is fair that they have significant salary increases. And, beyond this issue, we need to face the situation we are experiencing today”, he highlighted.

The secretary general of the PCP thus defended that the 910 euros would allow for creating “conditions for people to live with a minimum of dignity”, and reiterated that the party also defends an increase of at least 15% for all salaries, with a minimum of 150 euros, as proposed by CGTP.