The Automated Driving License Renewal service "is a pioneering solution, included in the Recovery and Resilience Plan [PRR] and in the Simplex program, which results from the partnership between AMA - Agency for Administrative Modernization and IMT - Instituto da Mobilidade e of Transport, with the aim of simplifying, automating and reinforcing the proximity between citizens and public services with administrative modernization", says the office of the Secretary of State for Digitalisation and Administrative Modernisation.

"Portuguese citizens already benefit from an information system that, through SMS, reminds them that they need to renew their driving license and that these citizens could, through the IMT, renew their license".

"We have been doing this for some time, more than 280 thousand people today have already renewed their Driving License through digital processes and the Internet. What we inaugurate today is that from our digital wallet, where we have our Driving License digitized, we can also be prevented, have a notification that automatically allows us to renew the license in a simpler way", explained Mário Campolargo.

The digital wallet is, an application where any citizen can have a Citizen Card, and Driving License, among other documents, whether from the Public Administration or private.

"It's a repository where we have digitally, on our phone, all the cards that are relevant to our lives", summarized Mário Campolargo.

The app and the Digital Mobile Key (CMD) "are two pillars" of the Government's relationship with citizens and "should be increasingly adopted", he highlighted, as the combination of these two allows for the automation of license renewal.