Explaining this trend is, in particular, the lack of career progression opportunities, the lack of training and the salaries according to the “Global Re:work” report by the human resources company Kelly and reported by ECO.

“Portuguese employees highlighted this point [the opening to change jobs] more strongly than most workers and above the average level seen in other countries also surveyed”, highlights Vanda Brito, director of human resources at Kelly in Portugal.

According to the study, 34% of Portuguese workers are considering leaving their company in the next 12 months, compared to 28% worldwide. “And the reasons are not exactly surprising for anyone who follows the Portuguese job market”.

The lack of opportunities for career progression is one of the main reasons for this willingness to change careers. In fact, among the various countries analysed, only workers in Italy surpass the openness of Portuguese workers in this sense, highlights Vanda Brito.

Another is the lack of tools and technologies. “And here we had the highest score of the countries located in Europe”.

Compromising the Portuguese people's desire to change jobs is also the lack of training and skills development, as well as salaries and benefits, “which are not very competitive compared to employees' expectations”.