According to Sapo News, "At the moment, everything is coming together to continue to support projects of young entrepreneurs", said Miguel Albuquerque, as part of a visit to four companies in the restaurant sector, in the centre of Funchal, set up under the Business Creation and Employment Programme (CRIEE).

CRIEE is intended to support unemployed people registered with the Madeira Employment Institute aged 18 years or over.

"This program has a positive aspect, which is the fact that people who do not have the capital or do not have the possibility of resorting to banking can, through our support, create their company", said the PSD/CDS-PP chief executive.

Official data point to the creation of 500 companies and 871 jobs in various sectors of activity since 2015, with a total support of 8.7 million euros, and the financing of another 30 projects is currently under analysis.

"This shows that there is an initiative in society, people are following the economic development of the region", said Miguel Albuquerque, noting that the Madeira Employment Institute intends to organise next year a "fair demonstrating this business reality".

The support under CRIEE varies between four thousand and 57 thousand euros.