“In these three works [the investment] is in the order of seven million euros, supported by the Municipal Council of Cascais”, said the president, Carlos Carreiras, in statements to journalists, after the ceremony that marked the start of the transfer of executive aviation from Humberto Delgado Airport to Cascais Municipal Aerodrome, in Tires.

According to those responsible, the works should be completed within a year and will allow the full transfer of Portela's private jet operations to Tires.

To achieve this, aviation schools will have to leave for other aerodromes, particularly in the interior of the country, in a process that will be gradual, subject to what is stipulated in the contracts in force, guaranteed Carlos Carreiras.

As for the noise that has motivated some complaints from residents of the surrounding area, the mayor recalled that these are neighbourhoods with an illegal origin, as they were built after the aerodrome.

Even so, he highlighted, the City Council is available to support measures to improve living conditions, such as, for example, replacing windows, and, at the limit, buying the house from anyone who does not want to stay in that location, as has already happened.

Regarding accessibility to the airport infrastructure, studied at least since 2018 but which never progressed, Carlos Carreiras explained that the project's difficulties are related to Brisa's concession contract, with regard to Highway 5.

“We know that Brisa and the Government are willing to find a solution, within the scope of the A5 concession contract, for these accessibility to be established”, said the mayor.

According to the Mayor, in addition to a new motorway junction to connect to the Tires aerodrome, there may also be availability to create a 'bus' corridor to the northern area of Lisbon.

The Cascais Municipal Aerodrome is currently responsible for 50% of all executive aviation in the Lisbon area.

Last week, an order was published in Diário da República for the creation of a working group whose objective is to define the schedule of works and certifications necessary for Cascais airport to begin taking over all of Lisbon Airport's executive aviation.