The Madeira Wine, Embroidery and Crafts Institute (IVBAM) has organised a day to promote Madeira Wine in Los Angeles, to increase exports and highlight the historical connection with the USA.

"The United States is an extremely important market for the export of Madeira Wine, considering that it is the first country in terms of value", the president of the IVBAM Board of Directors, Paula Jardim, told Lusa.

The "Madeira Wine Experience" event will have the participation of Henriques & Henriques, Vinhos Barbeito, The Rare Wine Company, D' Oliveiras, Justino's Madeira Wines, Broadbent Selections, Blandy's, Cossart Gordon and Miles.

"The objective of this action is to raise awareness of the connection that Madeira Wine has with the United States and increase sales to this market", highlighted Jardim.

"It is in the interest of operators and economically it is an extremely important action," she added.

The official said that exports throughout 2022 reached around 3.4 million euros and in 2023 it is almost three million, which shows the appetite of North Americans for this niche wine that the Institute wants to promote for "excellence and quality".

The event, which will take place in Beverly Hills, expects 400 people to participate. Half will be industry professionals, distributed across several 'masterclasses', and half will be consumers who will pay 55 dollars (51.5 euros) to be able to taste the varieties on offer -- Sercial, Boal and Malvasia -- from the end of the afternoon.

Distinguished history

"There is an interest here in the market in question and also in the historical relationship that Madeira Wine has with the United States", stated Paula Jardim, noting that the country's founding fathers chose this wine to toast independence in 1776.

"We have encouraged the promotion of Madeira Wine with this connection", highlighted the person in charge. "It is a very large market in which Madeira Wine is interested due to the quality of the product that it is, a unique product with a historical connection", she added.

"It's a fortified table wine, with unique characteristics," she pointed out. "With the annual results that have been seen in the marketing of wine in the United States, I think we have conquered the taste and what Americans can appreciate of a wine produced in the Atlantic Ocean and on a small island that makes excellent wine", said Jardim.

IVBAM already intends to carry out more actions in Los Angeles next year, which will depend on several factors and the enthusiasm of the public and professionals in the field.

"We are working to conquer the taste and appetite of Americans", highlighted the president.