According to Jornal I, citing data from the National Road Safety Authority (ANSR), the speed cameras that earn the most in Portugal are installed in Faro (EN125 at km 102), Coimbra, Matosinhos, Gaia and Vila Nova da Barquinha.

ANSR also reveals which five radars, out of a total of 61, from the National Speed Control System (SINCRO), record the most infractions in Portugal. The radars are: the EN125 radar, at km 102.0 in Faro; the A1 radar at km 188.6 in Coimbra; the A4 radar, at km 0.1 in Matosinhos; the radar on the A29.30 km 40.9 in Vila Nova de Gaia and the radar on the A23, at km 18.6 in Vila Nova da Barquinha.