Prices at petrol stations next to hypermarkets follow the market trend. “Next week’s trend will be for a drop of 0.0080 euros in gasoline and a reduction of 0.0243 euros in diesel,” said another source.

Since the beginning of the year, the price of diesel has increased by 9 cents per litre while petrol has become 10 cents more expensive. This means that filling a 60 litre tank of diesel costs 5.5 euros more than it did twelve weeks ago. To top up a petrol tank, it costs 6.2 euros more than in the first week of January.

In the most recent bulletin from the European Commission, Portugal is in ninth place among the countries with the most expensive gasoline in EU countries, 1 cent above the European average and 11 cents more expensive than in Spain. Diesel occupies 14th position.

The price difference between Portugal and Spain results from the tax burden, since, without taxes, each litre of 95 petrol in Portugal would cost 86 cents, that is, it would be cheaper than the 90 cents charged in Spain.