As we enter November, we are still very much in the energy of not only the ‘ring of fire’ Solar Eclipse on October 14th, but also the Lunar Eclipse on October 28th. We will be in these energies for the next six months. Both Eclipses highlighted the US strongly, with the Eclipse path for the Lunar Eclipse falling across Europe too as well as other geographies. Where the Eclipse path falls is where the energy is often expressed most strongly in the coming months.

As well as the obvious situation in the Middle East which is so tragic, this Lunar Eclipse has a lot of energy connected to fighting for your beliefs, and standing tall in your truth, wherever you live. It continues the very strong theme running all through this year and next of sovereignty, your sense of individual power running up against governmental power, the power of the state which is top-down. This vertical social and political structure is waning now and will continue to do so more significantly in the coming years. The shift is towards people power, ordinary people coming together in communities, collaborations and grassroots-up organisations to create a better, more loving and compassionate world. This is already happening all over the world and will be felt even more strongly next year. This will start to create a more horizontally based social and political structure.

What will fuel this in part will be the increasing disclosures and revelations around what we have previously, unquestioningly at times, accepted as truth. As secrets are revealed in the coming months and the truth comes to light, there will be efforts by the powers that were to exert more control over their populations. However, these will feel increasingly hollow.

Setting intentions

We have a New Moon in Scorpio on November 13th, and for everyone, this is a perfect time in the month to set a new intention, and plant a new seed, for what you would like to manifest in your life. Always set an intention in the present tense as if what you are wishing for is already here. For instance, ‘I am already easily stepping into my perfect job’; if you live in the energy of it, you are more likely to magnetise the perfect job to you, rather than thinking ‘I’ll never find the right job’. Our thinking and emotions are so powerful in terms of what manifests in our reality.

Events in mid-November are likely to be dramatic with strong aspects between the planets Mars and Uranus, and there are likely to be clashes around issues of freedom, sovereignty and free speech. There could be some extreme earth or weather events mid-month too.

At the Full Moon in Gemini on November 27th, our demands for freedom in movement and speech are highlighted. This is likely to shine a bright light on more truth too.

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Remember that we are constantly co-creating with our world. It is impossible for us not to be broadcasting a frequency. We are in a constant feedback loop with the Earth and the divine intelligence of the crystalline plasma all around us that is waiting for our interaction to take shape as an event or experience. We can only see peace in our world if we feel peace inside of us, and enough of us do this to create the tipping point. We can only see more love in the world if we broadcast it.

Much of the anger, division and separation in the world has come as a result of our collective consciousness, and yes of course this has also been encouraged in our world by the powers that were. However, we are now stepping into our mastery, and greater consciousness as co-creators, and our neutral 'eagle's perch' position allows us to take a breath and be mindful. Previously we may have reacted with pinball speed without much thought. Now, we are developing wisdom, which as we come together will change the world for the better. It's down to us.


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