Spy Manor Productions has just unveiled a new architectural project in Carvoeiro. Sky Base One is a property with an innovative and unique concept in the world. It was built with the theme and inspiration of the science fiction universe. A project conceived and realised over three years, involving dozens of architects, engineers, and interior design professionals.

The project’s presentation took place on Saturday, October 28th, surprising the 50 special guests who witnessed an experience that combined technology, imagination, and artificial intelligence-based mystery.

The immersive experience created for the launch of Sky Base One was conceived by Katherine Mills. The English illusionist and mentalist was the first woman to have a prime-time magic television show in the UK, earning global recognition as a reference in her field. Katherine Mills made her mark in a predominantly male industry, and her creativity has been used in world-class events in various fields and by prestigious brands. For this production, Katherine Mills had a team of 40 professionals, including 11 artists, creators and performers, who flew exclusively from London to the Algarve for the event. A show that could be seen only once but will be remembered by all. The entire experience was based on the property and an unprecedented Artificial Intelligence component. The technology that is part of Sky Base One was demonstrated live and in real-time. The grand finale of the show involved 100 drones diverting the guests' attention to the sky. A co-production by Spy Manor Productions and the London-based Seifermann company specializing in architecture, interior and event designs.

Commitment to entertainment

The night of October 28th was just one example of the potential of this project as a platform for creating film and television content, as well as hosting events. Just like in Villa Skyfall, Spy Manor Productions created Sky Base One as part of their commitment to the Algarve as an excellent location for the entertainment industry. Vanda Everke, CEO of Spy Manor Productions, explains the importance of this new venture:

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"The realm of science fiction is part of the imagination of millions of people worldwide and remains one of the most explored themes in the film industry. These are complex productions with significant investments, where locations are one of the greatest challenges that producers and directors face. By creating Sky Base One, we offer the industry a set of ready-to-use scenarios and infrastructure, taking advantage of the Algarve's climate, accessibility, and natural conditions.

“In 2024, Spy Manor Productions will be shooting its own content, the new international TV-series where crime meets innovation. In this TV-series, Sky Base One will be used as one of the film locations. Furthermore, Sky Base One has the capabilities to host luxury events at the highest level in the world, following the model of what we've already accomplished with Villa Skyfall, which, as known, was created based on the universe of the legendary spy films.”


The opening event of the Sky Base One property had the invaluable support of an exclusive set of partners. Lotus Cars premiered the new Evija, a 100% electric supercar with 2000hp, and had their brand experts present at the event. Aston Martin Lisbon, a longtime partner of Spy Manor Productions, was another automotive partner, using their luxurious Aston Martin DBX as the official cars transporting the guests to the event’s location. All the partners of the Sky Base project were present and explained the details of this unprecedented infrastructure in Portugal: representatives from the Lotus Cars headquarters, Aston Martin Lisbon, N.Peal, Rei das Praias, Jardim Vista, De Gregorio Architects, Outclass Car Detail, Bespoke Architects, and Teifil.

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Many of them played a crucial role in the Sky Base One project. The Algarve-based Bespoke Architects, Jardim Vista, and Teifil companies were instrumental in making the project a reality, contributing their expertise in architecture, landscaping, and construction. The interior designers from De Gregório, who recently opened a flagship store in Loulé, played a key role in designing the Sky Lounge, a designated relaxation area on the property, furnished with pieces from the prestigious brands Rimadesio and Poltrona Frau. N. Peal, a renowned London cashmere manufacturer, created the Sky Base One logo jumpers worn by the event’s hosting team. We are delighted to celebrate our collaboration with Rei das Praias, one of the Algarve’s finest restaurants, which commitment to excellence and culinary satisfaction aligns with the high-quality standards that define Sky Base One. The two other partners whose collaboration we were delighted to mark were the Outclass Car Detail company, offering the high-end car care packages, along with Spy X, the ultra-luxury vodka brand, launching its first product in 2024.

Thus, this absolutely unique project in Portugal has been launched at the highest level of what is being done in the world in terms of architecture and production.