The report shows that families who live outside Portugal have greater purchasing power, are looking for homes at higher prices and request higher amounts of financing than the total demand at a national level:

  • The average income of non-residents was 5,463 euros per month in the third quarter of 2023, a value 55% higher than the total number of applications for the same period. According to the report, “around 50% of applicants have an income of more than 4,000 euros”;
  • Average requested home purchase price was 217,089 euros, 16% more than the total;
  • Average mortgage loan requested in the market consultation was 155,598 euros: a value 10% higher than the amount determined for the total number of requests.

What the data also shows is that between July and September 2023, foreigners and emigrants had greater purchasing power, looked for more expensive homes, as well as greater bank financing than in the previous quarter – all these quarterly increases are around 6%. Compared to the previous quarter, the financing rate remained at 72% and the average age rose from 42 years to 43 years.