It shares the Top 10 with Denmark, the Netherlands and Germany – at the top of the table –, but is ahead of countries such as the United Kingdom, USA, Norway, Japan or Switzerland.

The ranking comes from NordLayer's Global Remote Work Index (GRWI), a ranking that classifies 108 countries according to cybersecurity criteria, economic conditions, digital and physical infrastructure and social conditions and reported by idealista.

Denmark is considered the best country for working remotely, followed by the Netherlands, Germany and Spain. In 5th place, ahead of Portugal, comes Sweden. The ranking of the 10 best countries for teleworking is completed by Estonia, in seventh place, Lithuania (8th), Ireland (9th) and Slovakia (10th).

Portugal appears as “a rising star in the universe of remote work”. The country's beautiful landscapes and rich history are no longer its only attractions, according to the ranking, which presents it as a “mixture of excellent strengths and opportunities for growth”.

“Known for its pleasant climate and vibrant culture, Portugal now boasts an impressive cybersecurity ranking, in 18th place. This achievement is largely due to its respectable responsiveness, which stands out in 4th position. Furthermore, cybersecurity legislation ranked 8th, emphasizes the country's commitment to creating a secure digital workspace, although some areas still need improvement”, highlights NordLayer.

When it comes to economic security, Portugal ranks 8th, however, the cybersecurity company warns that future remote workers may need a sustained budget given the "slightly high cost of living" – in this regard, the country ranks 56th position.