Yesterday it cost 1.24% more than last week, and it is the second consecutive week of increase, with an increase of almost four euros. Since the beginning of the year, the reduction has been 2.24 euros (-2.20%) and since the measure came into force it has been 2.86 euros (-1.56%).

But not all products covered by the measure are cheaper. Among the products that have become more expensive since April 18 are: broccoli (54%), oranges (45%), extra virgin olive oil (27%), fresh hake (22%) or cauliflower (13%).

Fresh hake soars 32%, courgette 12%. They are the increase 'champions' this week

In the last week, between October 25th and November 1st, the following products registered the biggest percentage increase in the zero VAT basket monitored by DECO PROTESTE: fresh hake (32%), courgette (12%), deep-frozen peas (6 %), large cod (5%), frizzled lettuce (5%), carolino rice (4%), semi-skimmed milk (3%), packaged sliced ​​Flemish cheese (2%), gala apple (2%) and onion ( two%).

According to analysis by Deco/Proteste, the 10 products that have reduced the most in price in the last week are liquid yogurt (16%), horse mackerel (12%), sea bream (10%), packaged sliced ​​ripened cheese ( 7%), extra virgin olive oil (4%), orange (4%), cooking oil (4%), spaghetti pasta (3%), turkey steak (1%) and turkey leg (1%).

Remember that the VAT exemption on more than 40 foods results from an agreement signed on March 27th between the Government, food retail and agri-food production. The measure aims to mitigate the effects of food price increases and is in force until the end of this year, after being extended by the Government on September 7th (the measure was scheduled to end on October 31st).

The list of products that now have zero VAT was defined based on recommendations from the Directorate-General for Health. It includes the foods most consumed by families in Portugal, according to information provided by the association that represents food distribution companies.

The price of the 'normal' basket also rose

The price of the basket of 63 essential goods monitored by DECO PROTESTE, which rose by 1.39 euros last week, increased in price again this week. It now costs 224.86 euros, 1.23 more compared to the previous week.

If we compare this value with the same period last year, the price of the basket rose by 14.01 euros (6.64% more).

In the last week, the 10 products with the biggest percentage increases were fresh fish (32%), courgette (12%), frozen peas (6%), sea bass (5%), cod (5%), frizzled lettuce (5%), whole grain cereals, rice and oats (5%), carolino rice (4%), black scabbard fish (4%) and fish fingers (4%).

Between February 23, 2022, the eve of the start of the war in Ukraine, and November 1 of this year, the products that saw their prices rise the most were virgin olive oil (106%), oranges (86%), fresh hake (85%), carolino rice (79%), tomato pulp (76%), onion (70%), white sugar (59%), red potato (50%), cereal flakes ( 49%) and Frankfurt sausages (47%).

Looking at product categories, the biggest percentage increases since the start of the war were recorded in grocery (33.05%, plus 13.93 euros), and in meat (21.18%, plus 6.38 euros).