The competition at Praia do Norte, in the famous Nazaré 'canyon', will be run by teams of two, using jet-skis, as usual, and will feature Portuguese surfer Nicolau von Rupp (in partnership with Brazilian Pedro Scooby), as well as the 100% Portuguese duo João de Macedo and António Silva.

The team made up of António Laureano and Pierre Caley (France) is on the list of substitutes and will go ahead if any of the nine teams on the official roster are unable to take part in the event.

For its part, the format of the championship at Jaws, on the island of Maui, is different, with the surfers (24 men and 12 women) not supported by jet skis and competing individually.

'Nic' von Rupp is the only Portuguese athlete called up for the Hawaiian event, so he is the only Portuguese who will be present at both events that make up the WSL giant wave circuit.

In 2020, German Sebastian Steudtner broke the world record for the biggest wave surfed in Nazaré, with a mark of 26.21 meters, while on the women's side, Brazilian Maya Gabeira holds the Guinness title, with a wave of 22.40 meters, also caught in Praia do Norte and in the same year.