In a statement, the Parish Council (PS) stated that this decision was approved at an executive meeting and that it is the ‘largest investment package ever carried out by a parish council, in the area of housing’.

According to the note, the objective ‘is to continue combating the serious housing crisis that Lisbon is going through’.

The investment, approved at the last executive meeting, provides for the acquisition of ‘four plots of land for construction and rehabilitation’, in addition to ’13 apartments spread across various locations in the parish’, that join the applications already approved by the Institute of Housing and Urban Rehabilitation (IHRU) for two other buildings, on Rua Claúdio Nunes and Travessa José Agostino.

This project has made possible, according to the municipality, the construction of ‘133 new apartments in Benfica that will be available by 2025, with types ranging from T0 to T3, under the financing line of the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR).

In the note, the board states that the application was carried out ‘in less than two months’, since the entry of the new version of the Housing Support and Access Program, 1st Law and is the result of the work of the board’s newly created team in the area of housing.

‘The investment to create decent housing solutions that allow Lisbon families to continue living in the Benfica Neighbourhood is part of a local housing strategy that aims to create 250 homes for low-cost rent in the Benfica Neighbourhood’, highlights the note of the municipality.