Azores Airlines carried out today its first position flight with the new aircraft, Airbus A320 NEO (‘New Engine Option’), between Toulouse (France) and Lisbon.

According to the company, the Azorean Airline’s new aircraft adopted a 168-seat configuration and has the word ‘PURE’ inscribed on the fuselage, in homage to the archipelago.

"The inside of the cabin is predominate with shades of blue, from the sky and the sea of the Azores, a chromatic universe that prevails in the SATA Azores Airlines brand. The cabin was customized with every detail in mind, from the seats to the bulkheads that separate the different areas", which can be read in the announcement.

To make the environment even more welcoming, "they carefully studied a scheme of cabin lighting and sound, with the intention of including a bit of the Azores experience into the planes that fly under the SATA Group brand".

The new Azores Airlines aircraft with the registration CS-TSK, "will be part of the airline’s planning, as soon as the necessary formalities are completed", says the company.

SATA Group also explains that the new aircraft has state-of-the-art technology and ‘represents a significant leap in terms of operational efficiency and the consequent reduction of environmental impact’.

"Thanks to the latest generation of engines (‘High-Bypass’) and aerodynamic technology (‘Airbus Sharklets’ wings), the new Airbus A320 NEO, from Azores Airlines, makes possible a reduction in fuel consumption of around 20%, a reduction of gas and noise emissions, lower operating costs and greater cargo capacity when compared to the previous generation’s aircrafts".

Teresa Gonçalves, the CEO of SATA Group, mentioned in the statement, with "great enthusiasm" the announcement of the latest addition to the aircraft fleet.

"Today we celebrate the arrival of a truly innovative and sustainable aircraft, representing a significant milestone in our commitment to excellence and the environment, reinforcing our commitment to the efficiency and sustainability of our aerial operations", she adds to the announcement.

Also according to the CEO, by adopting "state-of-the-art equipment that is more environmentally friendly, with more ergonomic and soundproof cabin configuration, Azores Airlines wants to lead a path towards a more sustainable future in aviation and in the Azores".

Azores Airlines is a company that belongs to the SATA Group, whose activities consist of regular air transport to and from the Azores archipelago.

The company is a part of SATA Holding, which also includes SATA Air Açores, founded in 1941, providing connections between Azorian islands and SATA Aeródromos, which manages four of the five airports in the Azores.

It operates "a regular network of destinations between the Azores and North America, Europe and the archipelagos of the Azores, Madeira and Cabo Verde".

Azores Airlines is undergoing a privatization process, with a minimum of 51% and a maximum of 85% of the company’s share capital expected to be sold.