Musement analysed Portuguese cathedrals, based on their popularity. For this purpose, it recorded the 10 most popular temples, based on reviews recorded on Google.

The Porto Cathedral has the most reviews, with more than 26 thousand reviews, the monument located in the highest part of the city of Porto, is the most popular monument, based on the reviews left on Google.

The Lisbon Cathedral comes in second place, with almost 25 thousand reviews. It has been considered a national monument since 1910. Despite having been built based on the Romanesque style, the consequent renovations, caused mainly by the 1755 earthquake, make it possible to observe several architectural styles in the same building.

Braga Cathedral has 8,693 reviews, ranking third on the podium of the most popular cathedrals in Portugal. It is considered the oldest chapel in the country, with construction beginning sometime in the 11th century. It is in the King's Chapel that the parents of the first king of Portugal, D. Afonso Henriques, are buried.

Funchal Cathedral has more than five thousand reviews on Google. The archipelago's main religious temple dates back to the end of the 15th century and has a Mudéjar ceiling that impresses any visitor.

The Sé Cathedral of Faro, in the Algarve, enters the top 5 most popular cathedrals in the country. The infrastructure, built in the Gothic style, began to be built in 1249 as a church, transforming into a cathedral in 1577.

The Old Cathedral of Coimbra, which is located in the heart of the student city's downtown, was evaluated by more than 3,700 people. A Romanesque building that remains intact to this day, having undergone very little renovation work.

A little lower than the others, the Cathedrals of Viseu, Évora, Guarda and Lamego are included. Demonstrating that architectural tourism, with emphasis on sacred art, can be done anywhere in Portugal.