“In view of the decision of the President of the Republic, communicated on 9 November, to call legislative elections for March 10, 2024, the Maratona Clube de Portugal is forced to postpone the EDP Half Marathon of Lisbon and Vodafone 10K for one week, for March 17, 2024”, reads the statement from the organising club.

The Lisbon Half Marathon is one of the world's main distance races, holding the world record since 2021 when Ugandan Jacob Kiplimo completed it in 57.31 minutes, but it is also a relevant popular race, allowing approximately 30 thousand people to cross the April 25th Bridge, among participants in this race or in the mini-marathon.

Also according to Maratona Clube de Portugal, Saturday's races are also postponed to the following week, to 16 March, and registrations made are automatically transferred to the new dates.

“We regret in advance all the inconveniences that this change may cause to athletes already registered, and we ask for everyone's understanding in the face of this situation with which we were faced and to which we are unaware”, explained Carlos Moia, president of Maratona Clube de Portugal.

Contacted by Lusa, the organisation said it already had around 15,000 registered for the various distances of the race.

However, it will postpone the publication of the dissolution decree, allowing the final global vote on the State Budget for 2024, scheduled for 29 November, which is guaranteed approval due to the absolute majority of the PS.