Recently, all over the world people meditated together to raise the frequency and precipitate us into the much anticipated golden future. Sensitive people are commenting on how quickly the energy is changing. It is hastening the collapse of the old third-dimensional paradigm, and when outmoded institutions go under, remember the end of the old is heralding the new.

Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel is a pure white angel, who radiates purity and light. He is one of the most beloved of the angels. His retreat is in Mount Shasta in the Rockies, Northern California, and his presence is very evident there.

He is in charge of three of the lower chakras, the base, the sacral and the naval.

At the third dimensional level, your base chakra is about survival, so it is constantly searching to meet your basic needs, a roof over your head, work and money. At a 5th dimensional frequency you trust that all your needs will be met so your base chakra now expresses joy.

Similarly, your third-dimensional sacral chakra looks for sexual and emotional gratification, while at the fifth-dimensional frequency, it is only interested in seeking true love.

Your naval chakra seeks oneness.

You can ask Archangel Gabriel to help you raise the frequency of these chakras and bring you balance, Joy and oneness.

Personal stories

I have had many lovely experiences with Archangel Gabriel and here are some of my favourites.

Archangel Gabriel’s persistence

I received a call from Finland asking me to talk at their annual Spiritual Fair but I was booked already on that date. They were very disappointed and I particularly remember Paivi’s words, ‘But that’s not right. I know you are meant to come.’ As I went for a walk later that morning Archangel Gabriel kept saying to me. ‘You are to go to Finland.’ In the end, I said in exasperation, ‘Okay if you want me to go, please cancel my current commitment and I will go to Finland.’

Needless to say, when I got home there was a message to say that the original event was postponed! So I flew to Finland to talk at their event, where they sold out the first print run of Angel Inspiration. After that, I returned many times.

Archangel Gabriel walks through my hall

I was walking down the stairs when I saw a being walking through the hall, looking deep in thought. I nearly jumped out of my skin. Suddenly he vanished. My dog Venus was completely unperturbed. I have noticed that she barks at spirits but not at angels. I could not understand who he was, for he did not show himself as radiant light like an angel but had an angelic quality.

Then my guide Kumeka told me that it was Archangel Gabriel coming to examine my home to see how he could help me on my path! Wow! The love and caring of the archangels never ceases to surprise me.

Practical help. Blessing my blood!

I was in a hospital waiting for a blood transfusion. It did not arrive until midnight!

I was tired and was thinking what a late night it was going to be by the time I sat up to give thanks for the blood and bless it when suddenly Archangel Gabriel appeared with his wings outstretched.

He sat in the chair by my bed. He told me to relax and go to sleep, that he would bless the blood for me! I took him at his word and fell into a deep sleep. When I woke in the morning he was still sitting by my bedside. He smiled at me and left. I was truly grateful.

Credits: envato elements; Author: diegograndi;

5 ways of Connecting with Archangel Gabriel

1. Affirm: Archangel Gabriel purifies me and brings me joy.

2. Prayer: Beloved Archangel Gabriel hold my hand and lead me on my highest path.

3. Rhyming chant:

  • Gabriel enfold me in pure white light
  • And keep my aura shining bright.

4. Mantra: Archangel Gabriel lights my way.

Visualisation to Meet Archangel Gabriel

1. Close your eyes and relax.

2. Ask Archangel Gabriel to place a pure diamond of clarity over your energy fields to hold you in the highest light.

3. Ask him to spin out anticlockwise any stuck energy within your base chakra. Then spin in clockwise brilliant platinum light.

4. Visualise your life filled with bliss and joy.

5. Ask him to spin out anticlockwise any dense energy within your sacral chakra. Then spin in clockwise glorious pink transcendent love.

6. Visualise everyone on the planet connected with love.

7. Ask Archangel Gabriel to activate your navel chakra so that it radiates bright, clear orange.

8. Visualise everyone co-operating for the highest good.

9. Visualise yourself walking joyfully hand in hand with Archangel Gabriel along your golden ascension path.

10. He is taking you up into a vast shimmering cosmic diamond above his retreat, Mount Shasta.

11. Make a request if you wish to.

12. Relax as Archangel Gabriel purifies your entire energy system.


Diana Cooper’s spiritual journey started 40 years ago with an angelic visitation and she has worked with Angels ever since.  She has written 33 books translated into 28 languages.

She has travelled world-wide sharing inspiration from the higher realms and now teaches regular on-line courses.  She founded the Diana Cooper School of White Light, a not-for-profit organisation offering spiritual teaching courses throughout the world.

Diana Cooper