"On November 6, infection with the Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza virus (HPAG) of the H5N1 subtype was confirmed in a dark-winged gull ('Larus Fuscus'), collected in the parish of Gafanha da Nazaré, municipality of Ílhavo, district of Aveiro", reads a note from DGAV.

In the vicinity of the place where the seagull was collected, there are only domestic poultry farms, and their owners have been "sensitised to the adoption of biosecurity measures".

The DGAV also appealed to all bird keepers to comply with good production practices and to avoid contact between domestic and wild birds.

On the other hand, hygiene procedures on farms and equipment must be reinforced.

"Notification of any suspected disease must be carried out immediately, to allow for rapid and effective implementation of disease control measures on the ground by DGAV".

This general directorate also clarified that, despite a case of infection by the bird flu virus in a wild animal having been detected, the status of a country free from this disease in poultry is not affected.