The New Year's Eve party will feature entertainment in different parts of the city, including Largo D. Dinis, Praça da República, Largo da Sé Velha and Mercado Municipal D. Pedro V, Coimbra City Council said.

In addition to Tony Carreira's performance at Largo D. Dinis, starting at 00:15, the stage set up there will also welcome Cape Verdean musician Matay, as well as several DJs, with a party between 9:30pm and 5:00am.

The traditional fireworks will last between five and seven minutes, on the Mondego River.

At Praça da República, the musical entertainment starts at 00:15 and ends at 06:00, in a program that includes DJ Wilson Honrado, with a 360º stage, set up in the centre of that central location of the city, explained the vice-president of Coimbra Chamber, Francisco Veiga.

At Largo da Sé Velha, there will also be a DJ until 3am, with “Revival Music”, said the municipality.

In addition to these three stages, there will also be entertainment at Mercado D. Pedro V, between 10pm and 2am, with artist Celso Cambaio.

Francisco Veiga said that the party will not take place at the usual location, due to works.