Perrystown natives Sarah Brittain and Luke Carton, who first connected as kids, stated they wanted to do "something special" for their wedding.

Sarah, a social worker, stated, "We called Bewley's more out of hope than expectation after a friend said they might go for it."

"We were afraid they would think we were crazy, but they agreed, and soon after that the first Bewley's wedding preparations were underway."

The entire wedding and reception were held upstairs in the cafe at the location for ninety guests.

When the couple's families were trying to adopt Romanian children in the early 1990s, they initially got together.

Luke, an IT sales manager, stated, "My parents decided they wanted to adopt another child after seeing the horrors of Ceausescu's orphanages on TV."

Sarah's mother ended up sitting next to my dad at the evaluation, and throughout the course of the several-year procedure, the families grew close.

When adoptive families got together for special get-togethers, we were usually the elder kids. After watching out for Sarah constantly, I finally worked up the nerve to ask her out.

Since Sarah was from Knocklyon and Luke was from the Navan Road, the 18-year-olds decided to go on their first date in 2003 at Bewley's, which was located on neutral ground.

Sarah stated: "It was our first time having a mocha together. We have found the site to be magical ever since it was bustling.

We had always wanted to get married here, and our dream came true. It felt as if we had another family organising the day because the entire crew got behind it.

"The café staff walked us through every step of the procedure, from the most delicious meal sampling to mending my outfit on the big day.

Many attendees commented that the cuisine was the greatest they had ever had at a wedding, saying it was just amazing.

At the wedding, Luke's brother Aaron and Sarah's sister Anna, who were adopted by the families, served as witnesses.

Harry (age 11), Ollie (7), and Milo (3), the couple's three children, escorted them down the aisle.

Bewley's is now accepting reservations for additional weddings and other private parties at the historic location in response to the day's success.

This week, newlyweds Sarah and Luke also became the first patrons to try the cafe's new afternoon tea menu.

Col Campbell, managing director, claimed that Bewleys has sparked "magical stories."

"We are overjoyed that Sarah and Luke are the first to experience our afternoon tea, from their first date to our first wedding."

Launching on Thursday, the new service is expected to offer an extensive array of sweet and savoury delights baked in-house.