"Vertical Wall Printing is an advanced technique that allows us to reproduce high-definition images and designs directly onto vertical surfaces (…) Utilising state-of-the-art digital printing technology and proprietary software, our system precisely applies ink with exceptional accuracy and colour reproduction”.

This vertical printing system is impressive, but it’s extremely recent in Portugal. It already existed in other European countries and has been used in Asia since 2008. However, in the Algarve, Printonyourwall is the only company that provides this service, which can be either for private homes or businesses such as restaurants, offices or hotels.

How does it work?

“We put a photo on the computer and then we print it out. Whatever is in your photo, we can print it on the wall. We can print anything for you.” A picture is worth a thousand words, so they showed us how the machine worked and printed out a chameleon that we could see in front of us and physically observe the printer, which was fantastic. In about 20 minutes, the machine printed a very real chameleon, full of colours and details, which dried automatically. It was pure art!

For us, they made it on paper so we could take it home, but it’s possible to print on different types of materials: wood, metal, glass tiles and, of course, walls. In this regard, he said that “the wall doesn’t have to be white, but if it is white it’s cheaper, because if the wall isn’t white, we have to print white underneath the print,” he said.

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Home survey

As this is a new product in Portugal, they suggest that anyone interested in having an image printed on their wall should go to Printonyourwall office in Faro and see for themselves the quality of the images they have printed on their walls. They have a gallery on the top floor that you can’t miss.

After that, if you find it interesting and would like to have it in your property or business, the team will be happy to carry out a free survey of your site, where they will make sure that all the conditions are in place to make a good print.

Also, “we give clients a free app, where they can put the image they want to see printed against their wall and they can see how it will look like before it is actually printed”, he added.


Before opening the shop, they have been studying the product very carefully. “My biggest concern is quality. We didn’t offer this product for six months because I wanted to know everything about it. Now we know everything about it”, they said. That’s why in addition to providing this service they are also the official distributors of the DXonJet vertical wall printer here in Portugal.

If you would like to know more please see their website at https://www.printonyourwall.pt/en/ or visit their office at Rua Rebelo Da Silva 14, Faro