“We were prepared for a higher number”, said Francisco Barbeira, administrator of BPI, where 1,500 requests have already arrived from families to stabilise the provision of housing credit. The measure came into force on November 2nd.

Speaking at the Banca do Futuro conference, organised by Jornal de Negócios, Barbeira highlighted that “the bank has been very concerned about families”.

“We have received around 100 requests per day, we are responding within the deadlines”, indicated Novobanco administrator Luís Ribeiro. The person responsible revealed that the bank has already renegotiated around 17,000 loans since the beginning of the year.

The CEO of BCP, Miguel Maya, once again praised the moratorium measure. “It was well designed and implemented at the opportune time”, he said, later indicating that the bank has already received around 2,000 requests and to which it is responding diligently. “The degree of implementation of these requests is very high, between 50 and 80 per day”.

At Caixa, Paulo Macedo revealed that the public bank was receiving 50 requests per day at the beginning, but the number rose to “around 80 per day”. “The measure is important for a group of families that have recently fallen into debt”, highlighted Paulo Macedo.