As claimed by the Platform, at the meeting, in which the Liberal Initiative was not present, the parties “considered it fair and necessary” to work towards the replacement of Scut (roads at no cost to the user) in the Interior, however, coming to different opinions on the pace at which this objective must be achieved.

“The Platform valued the broad consensus (of the parties), regarding the objective of the replacement and appealed in the discussion and final vote in the State Budget (OE) for 2024, to look for a common solution”.

As stated by the note, the PSD informed that it will present a proposal that includes, in addition to the 30 percent reduction announced for January, an additional discount of 20 percent.

The group reported that the PCP, Bloco de Esquerda and Chega conveyed that, during the discussion of the OE, they will present proposals to eliminate tolls.

The Platform added that the PS “expressed its willingness to continue studying the possibility of progressively reducing tolls until they are eventually eliminated”.

“As for the PS, as the majority party in the Assembly of the Republic, we appeal for a viable solution, as this helps the Government and the Prime Minister fulfil the electoral promises they made to the people in successive elections”, pointed out the movement.

The Platform for Scut Replacement on the A23 and A25 integrates seven entities from the districts of Castelo Branco and Guarda – the Beira Baixa Business Association, the Castelo Branco Union, the Committee of Users Against Tolls on the A23, the Movement of Entrepreneurs for Subsistence in the Interior, the Business Association of the Guarda Region, the A25 Users Committee and the Union of Guarda.

The A23 (Beira Interior Motorway) connects Guarda to Torres Novas (A1), while the A25 (Beiras Litoral and Alta motorway) provides a connection between Aveiro and the border of Vilar Formoso.