This is not a bad thing, for that’s what our ancestors did before there was electricity which enabled the working day to lengthen and, as a result, for people to lose touch with the seasons. Each season had different jobs which needed doing and different ways of being were needed. People knew that Winter is the season to spend more time inside by the fire, after the business of gathering of provisions in Autumn.

Winter gives us the opportunity to reduce social events if we wish to and spend more time with ourselves. This time can be used to check in with ourselves- how are we feeling? What word sums up how we feel? What do we need to feel balanced? How can we provide this for ourselves?

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It also gives us time to go within and think about any issues or stresses we have in our lives. By looking into them, without and blame or judgement, it allows us to reframe them in our mind so that we are no longer affected so much by the memories.

We can then determine what elements we can bring into our lives to replace this stress with something more enjoyable. It may be as simple as sitting by the fire or radiator while you read a book, or snuggling with a blanket as you look at the stars through your window.

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Looking deeper with ourselves can also involve journaling- it doesn’t need to be writing down whatever comes into our heads, it can quick and simple like writing down your 5 places you like to visit, your favourite foods, 5 things which make you happy and so on. It can be really simple, but it’s a way of digging down further into our feelings and capturing them in a physical way. A quick activity can be to choose a colour for each emotion and create a key, so each day you can colour a circle to show how you’re feeling and then perhaps set a wellness goal you’d like to achieve that day, such as listen to the birds, find a pretty stone or shell, watch the sunset, and so on.

I wish you a wonderful November,



‘I take this time to balance and realign myself.’

Crystals to help go within:

Selenite will help you restore and recharge.

Blue Apatite calms and cleanses and helps you release any stress.


Sally saw Angels as a child and could occasionally see and feel people who had passed over. This ability grew as she got older and she now gives readings, as well as channelling Ascended Masters. She often works with Mary Magdalene and channels information from Lord Kuthumi. She is available for readings and spiritual development sessions both online and in person (heaven2heart). 

Sally Hinchcliffe