Patron Saint of Physicians, artists, painters surgeons, farmers and others.

Saint Luke, a physician at Antioch, and a painter became a convert of Saint Paul, and afterwards his fellow laborer. He is best known to us as the historian of the New Testament. Though not an eye-witness of the life of Jesus the Evangelist gathered information from the apostles, and wrote, as he tells us, all things in order.

The Acts of the Apostles were written by this Evangelist as a sequel to his Gospel, bringing the history of the Church down to the first imprisonment of Saint Paul at Rome. The humble historian never names himself, but by his occasional use of “we” for “they” we are able to detect his presence in the scenes which he describes. We thus find that he sailed with Saint Paul and Silas from Troas to Macedonia; stayed behind apparently for seven years at Philippi, and, lastly, shared the shipwreck and perils of the memorable voyage to Rome.

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Here his own narrative ends, but from Saint Paul’s Epistles we learn that St. Luke was his faithful companion to the end. He died a martyr’s death some time afterwards in Achaia.