"In the private sector, remuneration increased more significantly: total remuneration registered a year-on-year variation of 6.3%, from 1,282 euros in September 2022 to 1,364 euros a year later. The regular component increased by 6.7%, rising from 1,053 euros to 1,124 euros, and the basic remuneration increased by 7.1%, from 988 euros to 1,058 euros. In this sector, real year-on-year increases were observed in the three types of remuneration: 2.8% in total, 3.2% in regular and 3.6% on the base", according to the INE report shared by NM.

Now, in the Public Service, "a year-on-year increase of 5.5% was observed in the average total remuneration per worker (job), which reached 1,834 euros in September 2023 (1,738 euros a year earlier)". Although the increase was more significant in the private sector (1,364 euros), the average salary in the Public Service (1,834 euros) continues to be higher.

"Differences in average remuneration levels between the PA [Public Administration] sector and the private sector reflect, among others, differences in the type of work performed, age composition (with an impact on the accumulation of human capital and professional experience) and qualifications of the workers who make up them", can be read in the INE report.

The average total monthly gross remuneration per worker (per job) increased to 1,438 euros in the third quarter, 5.9% more than in the same period in 2022.