The Nation Brands Index 2023, by Ipsos, conducted 60,000 interviews in 20 countries, in a study that annually measures people's perceptions of 60 countries globally. Has placed Portugal at number 20 overall. This is the first time that Portugal is considered in the study.

Among the different characteristics analysed, Portugal stands out as the second country with the most “friendly” people, just behind New Zealand.

The index measures the power and appeal of each country's “brand image”, by examining global perceptions based on six aspects of each nation's identity: exports (recognition of the origin of products), governance (perception of competence and honesty of governments and how they treat citizens), culture, people, tourism and immigration and investment (whether people would consider studying, working or living in the country).

The country with the best brand image in 2023 is Japan which, after a constant rise over the years, dethroned Germany, which had led the ranking since 2016 and has now occupied second place. The podium was completed by Canada, which maintained its third place in 2022.

The top 10 is followed by the United Kingdom (up two places), Italy (down one place), the United States (up two places), Switzerland (maintained its position), France (down three places, to its worst ranking ever), Australia and Sweden, with these two countries having switched positions compared to last year.