Pay attention when parking, as leaving your car parked on the sidewalk, near a pedestrian crossing or blocking a garage is not the only way to receive a fine.

According to Motor 24, there are studies that show that around a fifth of parking spaces in large cities are wasted daily due to poor parking and it is important to note that parking in the opposite direction is not an option.

Parking in the opposite direction is one of the most common mistakes, subject to a fine that can vary between 30 and 150 euros.

Article 48 of the Highway Code states that “stopping and parking must be carried out outside the carriageway or if this is impossible and only in the case of stopping, as close as possible to the right limit, parallel to it and in the direction of travel”.

This is because parking in the opposite direction of travel represents a safety problem. Motor vehicles have mandatory reflectors at the rear so that the light from the headlights of other vehicles traveling in the direction of travel is reflected, alerting and signalling their presence on the public road.