The initiative seeks to raise awareness of the dangers of consumerism, namely impulse consumption and waste, which according to the association are the basis of an economy based on the unlimited use of natural resources, putting environmental sustainability at risk.

To reduce these problems, and in anticipation of Autochthonous Forest Day (marked on November 23rd), Zero encourages the planting of indigenous trees and shrubs (originating in Portuguese territory) in an area of the Leiria National Forest affected by the 2017 fires, in a campaign that will end on January 6th.

Zero emphasises that tree planting must be combined with good sustainable practices and a change in lifestyle and consumption patterns, calling for reflection before any purchase and individual responsibility to resist item promotions.

It suggests purchasing local, second-hand products with certifications, for example with the European Ecolabel, and repairing damaged electronic equipment, to ensure its durability and sustainability.

Zero also calls for the acquisition of experiences as an alternative to things, stating that visiting a museum, buying theatre tickets, collecting experiences in nature or even supporting causes are good ways of contributing to preserving the environment.