According to the Bulletin on the Use of Gas Infrastructures for the third quarter of this year, published by the Energy Services Regulatory Entity (ERSE), until the end of September, at the Sines LNG terminal - the main infrastructure for the entry of natural gas into the national system – Russian gas represented 8.4% of the total received, the result of three methane tankers that unloaded in February, April and August.

In that period, Russia ranked third in the countries of origin of natural gas received in Sines, behind the United States of America (44.4% of the total) and Nigeria (44%), and just ahead of Trinidad & Tobago (3.2%).

In the same period of 2022, the year in which Russia invaded Ukraine and began to be the target of sanctions from the European Union, which promised to drastically cut gas imports from Moscow, Russian imports represented 7% of the total received in Sines, also a result of three ships received (March, April and August).

Between January and September last year, Nigeria was the main country of origin with 52% of total imports, followed by the United States of America (30%).