Tickets will be available from tomorrow, 24 November, for just €0.99 and €2.99, will be available for booking until December 3rd. Tickets are valid for domestic trips to be made between January 3rd and February 4th, 2024.

Faro, Portimão, Lagos, Sintra, Cascais, Coimbra, Leiria, Porto, Lisbon or Viana do Castelo are just some of the destinations covered by this promotion, which is available to the entire network in Portugal, according to the company.

Promotional tickets are available for booking until 11:59 pm on December 3rd, online, at, and also on the App. The number of promotional trips on each route is limited. Here are some examples of the available connections:

▸ Porto ⇆ Sintra at €0.99

▸ Cascais ⇆ Porto at €0.99

▸ Porto ⇆ Viseu at €0.99

▸ Porto ⇆ Coimbra at €2.99

▸ Chaves ⇆ Porto at €0.99

▸ Aveiro ⇆ Lisbon at €2.99

▸ Lisbon ⇆ Albufeira at €0.99

▸ Lagos ⇆ Lisbon at €0.99

▸ Lisbon ⇆ Portimão at €0.99

▸ Lisbon ⇆ Porto at €2.99

▸ Lisbon ⇆ Faro at €2.99

▸ Braga ⇆ Lisbon at €0.99

▸ Lisbon ⇆ Coimbra at €2.99

▸ Lisbon ⇆ Leiria at €0.99

▸ Évora ⇆ Lisbon at €0.99

▸ Lisbon ⇆ Viseu at €0.99

“We want to bring more and more people to shared mobility, as bus transport, along with train, is currently one of the most sustainable options for traveling” – says Pablo Pastega, general director of FlixBus in Portugal and Spain. “We need to take cars off the road and promote public transport, and this is an excellent opportunity for more people to try this means of transport”, he concludes.