According to the National Road Safety Authority (ANSR), regarding infractions, there was a similar increase (12.2%), according to the road accident report.

The vast majority (67%) were due to speeding (+21.6%): "There were increases in almost all types of infractions, highlighting, in addition to speeding, those relating to the system child restraint (+40.0%) and lack of insurance (+19.4%), among others", reads the document.

Regarding driving under the influence of alcohol, between January and July 2023, 1.12 million drivers were tested, which represents an increase of 29.3% compared to the same period in 2022.

Road crime, measured in total number of arrests, increased by 12.2% compared to 2022, reaching 21.2 thousand drivers. Of the total, 55.4% was due to driving under the influence of alcohol (+12.9%), followed by 35.0% due to lack of legal driving license (+17.4%).

Since the points license system came into force in June 2016, the number of drivers who lost points on their driving licence was 618,800 by the end of July 2023.

Since June 2016, 2,666 drivers have lost their licence (due to revocation), according to the same source.