“Two years after being the first operator to make the 5G network available to its customers in Portugal, NOS reaffirms its leadership in the latest generation mobile network, being a pioneer in Portugal in successfully introducing a new data core for 5G Stand Alone (5G SA)”, says the operator.

The development of “the fifth generation of mobile networks has been, over these two years, a strategic vector for NOS, representing an investment so far of around 420 million euros, with a further 110 million euros expected in the coming years ”, highlights Jorge Graça, 'chief technology and information officer' at NOS, cited in a statement.

“We have been leaders in this technology since the beginning, and we have what is the best and largest 5G coverage in the country, with more than 4,200 base stations and coverage of more than 93% of the Portuguese population. We also want to continue to lead in capturing the full potential of 5G Stand Alone in our customers' applications”.

According to NOS, currently “almost one in four NOS customers already has 5G equipment and, of these, around 84% use the technology on a recurring basis”.