The first solar-powered cabinet equipped with a defibrillator to be placed on a road is the BeeCon Project.

Participating in the effort is local lady Natasha Beegan Connolly, who stated: "It began as a small idea to source and pay for a defibrillator in our community here in Breaffy."

“Now it's a blueprint for communities to secure sponsorship from local businesses in order to deliver solar or wind-powered cabinets with defibrillators and auxiliary assets.”

Studies indicate that having a defibrillator nearby within two minutes after a cardiac arrest increases a victim's chances of survival by 80%.

The Society of Charter Surveyors of Ireland has submitted the concept for an Innovation Award, and local companies have endorsed it.

The BeeCon Project is collaborating with Mayo County Council and Darren Forde of Eco Powered Cabinets to market the project.

Forde is a Hollymount-based Community First Responder.

Prior to last year's Reek Sunday, he oversaw the installation of three defibrillators on Croagh Patrick.

“It is crucial to show how communities can collaborate to plan, create, and implement a local project that can reach a global audience,” stated Mr. Forde.

The absence of defibrillators on Croagh Patrick's shoulder and on top made me acutely aware of how crucial it was to have them placed.

“There have been several cardiac arrests on the mountain over the years and now lives will be saved.”