“Spaying & Neutering Programme has been the receptor for most of the money raised from our events this year.” Jenny Clarke, President is a hands-on person. With her colleague Anita hosting ‘Pop-Up’ Shops in sometimes, miserable weather. “We still manage it!” She grins. Having unloaded from one event, now having to load up for the next. “We have had a good year. A lot of re-homing and a lot of Cat Colonies being fed properly.” Zélia Santos has been busy on the feral feline front. “It’s all hard work but rewarding.” Jane VP has enlisted her help at the Ferragudo Car Boot Sales. Her son Joe, attends the large Silves School, which will be shortly hosting an APAA day. “That is where it all begins. Educating the children.” Right! Hands up where is the next APAA event?

APAA’s Ferragudo’s Sunday Car Boot Sales. Fair and Street market. Main one-way street. Sunday 10/12 8am-12. He/She cave stuff. Then the Big One! Wednesday 22nd November at ‘O Tasco’ 12-3.00pm APAA’s favourite meet and greet place, for that proper friendly ‘Pop-Up’ pop-in feeling. A great deal ‘menu do amigo’ book direct (+351) 282 471 769.

APAA’s special Christmas Lunch. ‘Recanto dos Mouros’ Tuesday 12th December. 12.30-1.00 start. Another favourite. Looking out at Silves Castle, Choice of Boar Stew or Bacalhau com Natas. Vegetarian option available. Desserts, coffee, water, wine, or beer. 24€/26€ Members/Non. Don’t hesitate. Book your lunch direct with Jenny (+351) 919 041 903 or send an email.

APAA’s Christmas gift table with jewellery and those special somethings on sale. If you are interested ‘Holiday Inn’s’ paintings and mirrors, large and small contact Jenny info.apaaportugal@gmail.com. Never too late, don’t forget, there is always friendly APAA charity shops Dunas do Alvor. Rua Elias Garcia Silves. For ‘Pop-Up’ info or Recanto lunch events.apaaportugal@gmail.com

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Jenny’s chuffed with her new recipes. Apple in Mulled Wine Jam. Chili and Apple Chutney. Crowning glory. Orange Marmalade with Cranberries. Inspirational. All proceeds for SNiP. “It has been a busy year, I am sure when 2024 rolls in we will be remembering all the ‘Pop-Up’ Shops and events. Most of all we need to thank our hard-working members. Not forgetting our hosts/hostesses for all our events.” APAA always on the look-out for venues, a space to ‘Pop-Up’ sell for their charity and treat the community for a few hours to some fun meeting and greeting locals and friends. “We always need cat food for our Cat Colonies!” Zélia has her merry band helping out. But cat food costs!