The value of taxi fares has not been updated since June last year when it increased by 8.05%.

This increase follows the price convention signed by the General Directorate of Economic Activities, the National Association of Road Transporters in Light Automobiles (ANTRAL) and the Portuguese Taxi Federation (FPT), where an increase of 4.6% was established, which will be in effect from January 2024.

Contacted by the Lusa agency, the president of ANTRAL, Florêncio Almeida, considered that this increase is “very small”, given the declines that have been recorded in the sector, and defended an increase of at least 8%.

“A [price convention] was negotiated and came into force in June last year and, as you can see, it was only after a year and a half that another one came into force. Taxis in the last 10 years have lost 13% in profitability. The fairest would be around 8%”, he defended.

As Florêncio Almeida explained, the 4.6% increase “will not nearly cover the increase in the national minimum wage last year or this year”, even generating a “loss of revenue”.

For his part, the president of the Portuguese Taxi Federation, Carlos Ramos, considered that this was “the possible increase given the political situation”.

This month the new taxi legal regime came into force, which provides for the aggregation of municipalities to eliminate the return fare and make trips cheaper, make quotas more flexible and focus on digitalisation.