Maria, Alice and Leonor continue to be the names most chosen by parents in Portugal for girls. Francisco and Afonso are the top boy's names, according to data from the Ministry of Justice and reported by Notícias ao Minuto.

The ten most chosen girl names are: Maria, Alice, Leonor, Matilde, Benedita, Carolina, Beatriz, Francisca, Camila and Margarida.

The ten boy names are: Francisco, Afonso, Duarte, Lourenço, Tomás, João, Vicente, Gabriel, Miguel and Martim.

Until the beginning of November this year, 71,511 babies were born in Portugal, compared to 68,894 in 2022. This means that between January and October this year, 2,617 more children were born than last year.

January was the month this year with the most registered births (10,718).