In the closing speech of the debate on the State Budget for 2024 (OE2024), the Minister of Finance, Fernando Medina, in an overview, consider that, from any perspective, "the last eight years were one of the periods of greatest progress and development from the country".

The official recalled that a few days ago, Nobel Prize winner for Economics Paul Krugman classified Portugal as an "economic miracle", an argument used several times in the debate on budget change proposals in the Budget specialty, to argue that "the answer is in good policies".

"It's good policies that make good results. We have good results because we have good policies," he said.

For Medina, "the success" of the current government "was based on the destruction of the fundamental pillars" of the governance of the parties to the right of the PS, highlighting the rise in salaries as a mark that the executive leaves.

"It wouldn't exist if the right were in power," he said.

The Minister of Finance listed the measures foreseen in the Budget regarding family income and investment, without compromising the budget accounts.

"More employment with more rights, better wages and better social protection was the successful response to austerity, impoverishment, devaluation of income and the rollback of the welfare state," he said.