According to Sapo news, the heavy rain caused floods and fallen trees, as well as some structures, namely in the Lisbon region where the rain was more intense.

According to Civil Protection, in addition to Lisbon with 452 occurrences, Setúbal and Coimbra were also affected by adverse weather conditions.

In the capital, several areas were completely flooded and, for this reason, temporarily cut off from traffic.

It should be noted that for this reason, Carlos Moedas, mayor of Lisbon, chose to postpone the inauguration of the Christmas tree and lighting to today. The municipality announced this postponement through a statement. “The ceremony will be postponed to tomorrow, December 1, in the same way and with the same program.”

In this way, the program scheduled for Terreiro do Paço does not undergo any change. "It will start at 5:30 pm and will feature the inauguration of the tree and Christmas lights, fireworks and a concert of the Angels," is underlined in the same note.