She cared for her sister throughout a 10-month cancer struggle and takes care of her husband, who was severely injured after being hit by a car.

The 67-year-old's experience of taking care of her husband after a vehicle accident that changed her life and her subsequent hospital stay, according to Family Carers Ireland, is an inspiration to the selflessness of family carers due to her fortitude in the face of hardship.

The Awards, which are in their 16th year, honour the commitment of Ireland's carers.

In Ireland today, there are an estimated 500,000+ persons who provide care for a family member.

Timmy, Breda's husband, went to the awards event with his wife. Timmy had severe brain injuries in 1999 and fell while in the hospital, leaving him paraplegic.

Attendees included her son Ted and daughter Niamh, who put her mother forward for the honour.

During the ceremony, five young people were recognised for their exceptional assistance of their families with the Netwatch Young Carer of the Year Awards.

Among them was 10-year-old Cillian McCarthy of Oranmore, County Galway, whose assistance and support for his autism and Down syndrome twin brother Fiachra were recognised.

Cillian was hailed as an exceptional young caretaker with a golden heart and was given the Netwatch Connacht Young caretaker of the Year award.

Twelve-year-old Cameron Mills of Drum, County Monaghan, has been a loving carer for his father, who suffers from the uncommon and difficult illness known as IBMPFD. One person regarded Cameron's dedication to his family's care as deep. The Netwatch Ulster Young Carer of the Year went to him.

Wicklow resident Conor Byrne, 19, was awarded Netwatch Leinster Young Carer of the Year. Conor is a carer for his mother.

Dublin native Laura Keelan, 12, is the Netwatch Dublin Young Carer of the Year. She looks after her siblings.

In the meanwhile, Lyrah Dooley, 17, of Cork, was recognised for her mother's caregiving by winning the Netwatch Munster Young Carer of the Year award.

While the awards show off the extraordinary dedication of a select few, Family Carers Ireland's Head of Communications and Policy, Catherine Cox, stated that “they truly celebrate the entirety of Ireland's family carers who consistently go above and beyond to care for their loved ones.”

“As a society, it is imperative that we not only listen to their stories, but also recognise the indispensable role played by family carers and provide the necessary supports and services to enable them to care safely at home,” she stated.