Fuel prices will fall for the sixth consecutive week. Diesel, the most used fuel in Portugal, will become 1.5 cents cheaper next week, while gasoline will drop by half a cent, a market source told ECO. Thus, in these six weeks diesel prices have already fallen by 11.4 cents and gasoline prices by 9.9 cents.

From Monday, after the long weekend, when you top up your deposit, you will have to pay 1.612 euros per liter of simple diesel and 1.675 euros per liter of simple 95 gasoline, taking into account the average values ​​practiced in bombs on Monday, released by the Directorate-General for Energy and Geology (DGEG). With these consecutive drops, it is necessary to go back to July 24th to find cheaper pump prices for diesel and July 3rd for gasoline.

These prices already take into account the discounts applied by gas stations and the review of temporary tax measures to help mitigate the increase in fuel prices. The Government increased “discounts” on fuel, by two cents per liter on diesel and one cent per liter on gasoline. In this way, the tax reduction determined by the measures currently in force is 25 cents per liter of diesel and 26 cents per liter of gasoline.

Prices may also undergo slight changes to take into account the closing of Brent oil prices on Friday and the behavior of the foreign exchange market. But also because the final prices result from the average of the values ​​charged by all gas stations. And it is important to remember that the prices charged to the end consumer may vary depending on the gas station.

This week, diesel prices fell by 0.4 cents and gasoline prices by 2.3 cents. The drop in prices was slightly below market expectations which pointed to a reduction of half a cent in diesel, but largely exceeded expectations for gasoline as it pointed to a drop of 1.5 cents

This Thursday, Brent prices, which serve as a reference for the European market, rise 1.06%, to $83.98 per barrel.